Why the Name Change?

How The Barn at Kennedy Farm became Kennedy Estate

Whether you’re planning for a wedding, business event, or baby shower, we get how important it is to work with a place and a people you can trust. So we’re giving you a sneak peak behind the curtain of all the happenings at Kennedy Estate, our history and our future.

It was in 2014 when Kim Svoma, owner and visionary, took the opportunity of a lifetime to open a venue for friends and family to gather. From design to construction, her creative oversight established a timeless and versatile space that has served in the hospitality industry for six years as The Barn at Kennedy Farm. But after all the curve balls and heartbreak of Covid-19, Kim was eager to provide families with a fresh look and feel to the property.

Today, her unique vision for enhancing the grounds comes with a hope that beauty and excellence will be attainable as an all inclusive experience.

So the name change in effect marks the turn of a corner for our team as we both embrace our history in the event industry and introduce new, breathtaking backdrops. It’s a bittersweet time, really, knowing 2021 represents the close of a chapter as The Barn at Kennedy Farm. However, with all the modifications in store to better serve and celebrate our future families, how could we not be excited to share more??

Inspiration behind the Logo: Come Celebrate at 525 North State Street

We believe that places matter when they mark such momentous occasions in our lives. So as we finalized the look of our logo, we spent a lot of time thinking through who we wanted to be as a gathering place. For us, the name had the potential for so much more than just a name. We wanted Kennedy Estate to communicate who we are and what we do: a stately and timeless location dedicated to providing effortless celebration. In light of this, it dawned on us to consider including a detail that most often functions as a means to an end - our address. The address of a residence affirms its roots and history, which is why 525 represents such a symbolic piece of our identity and holds a prominent place in our logo. After all, any events that take place at Kennedy Estate will be celebrated on 525 North State Street.

**Credit all Photos to Bree Souza Photography**

So, What’s Ahead?

Think industrial elegance meets european flair and you’ll get the vision behind Kennedy Estate’s new additions. A train caboose, a ferris wheel, a sailcloth tent, and a carousel all surrounding the cedar wood barn’s main reception hall. Just imagine the options! Find out more about the details and the progress behind the scenes in our blog post on Exciting Additions to Kennedy Estate.

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Exciting Additions to Kennedy Estate

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